'Shipwrecks - Bridlington and beyond' : a talk at Bridlington Central Library

Fri, 05 Aug 2022

On Thursday, 18 August at 3pm, Bridlington Central Library is to host what should be a fascinating talk, focusing on the countless shipwrecks off the east coast.

It is inevitable that divers would recover relics and that the history of these vessels would be documented, but what of the ones that are abandoned? What of the boilers on Reighton beach and the machinery laid at Cayton Bay? What heroic rescues were carried out, only to be overshadowed by other events?  

All will be told at the library, where the speaker will also launch his new book 'Around the World in Shipwreck Adventures', the 18th book by local author Richard M. Jones.  

This latest book tells the story of Richard's journeys around the globe looking at wrecked ships, maritime marvels and historic relics. This account of one man's quest to highlight forgotten tragedies and fascinating wrecks takes him to the Caribbean, Indian Ocean, Persian Gulf, Mediterranean and, of course, the Yorkshire Coast.  

The book will be sold at a discount price and signed by the author.

Librarian Sarah Hutchinson said : "Richard's research is showing no sign of ending, so if you know of any shipwreck information that you think might be relevant , do please come along and share your knowledge - or your queries." 

The launch event is free of charge, and there is no need to book in advance to attend.