New aviary means more new arrivals at the zoo at Sewerby Hall and Gardens

Tue, 12 Jul 2022

Visitors to the zoo at Sewerby Hall and Gardens can now enjoy a new aviary, which has recently opened. Housing 14 species, the new aviary replaces a life-expired structure.

In the aviary are :

Carolina Duck

Ringed Teal

Mandarin Duck

White-faced whistling Duck

Cuban tree Duck

Chiloe Wigeon

Ferruginous Duck

Tufted Duck

New Zealand Shoveler

Falcated Teal

Versicolor Teal

Red Billed tree Duck

Rosey Bill

Marble Teal.

Marie Gascoigne, general manager, Sewerby Hall and Gardens, said : "We are delighted to be able to open this new aviary, which will eventually become a walkthrough facility, when bird flu restrictions are relaxed.

"It's a great addition to our very popular zoo."

John Pickering, head zookeeper, explained : "I am very excited that we can now unveil the new aviary and its occupants, which are all new arrivals to the zoo. We are looking forward to the day when visitors will be able to walk through as well, but in the meantime, they can still see the range of birds in this wonderful and spacious new facility."

For opening times and admission prices, visit

For opening times and admission prices, visit

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