Eight organisations in Pocklington to receive Commuted Sums funding totalling over £681,000

Wed, 02 Jun 2021

Clubs and Organisations in Pocklington have been awarded £681,216.13 funding from East Riding of Yorkshire Council as part of Commuted Sums from local housing developments - eight different groups are set to receive funding.

Pocklington Rugby Union Football Club have been awarded £120,188.43 to complete the building work to the changing rooms and install floodlights at their Second site at Kilnwick Park. The remaining £13,354.36 of the £133,542.79 will come from Club Funds. Chris French, Resources Manager at Pocklington R.U.F.C., said: "With funding provided by East Riding of Yorkshire Council, together with Sport England and its main sponsors, Pocklington Rugby Club will have a facility run purely by volunteers that will hugely benefit sport and young people of Pocklington. Pocklington Rugby Club as a whole is in a superb position now to move forward and develop"

Pocklington Cricket Club have been awarded £93,053.00 to install a new training and practice facility, groundworks, a field tractor, tractor store, compound and security fencing, boundary ball stop fence netting and CCTV. The remaining £10,340.00 of the £103,393.00 project will be funded by Pocklington CC.

Alan Davies, Club Trustee and Project Manager at Pocklington CC, said: "In 2016, Pocklington Cricket Club were lucky enough to secure sufficient grant funding to demolish their old leaky clubhouse and build a new modern building suitable for not only cricket but also able to benefit the local community. With about £260k made up from commuted sums, Wren landfill grant and support from Sport England, the new clubhouse was completed in 2017 and fully open for the 2018 cricket season. Sufficient funds remained to demolish old outbuildings, erect a new machinery shed and purchase some new ground equipment including a roller and gang mowers.

"Recently more Commuted Sums have become available and a successful application has released another £95k. This will enable the Club to replace their practice nets with a state of the art two- lane facility, replace their 40 year old tractor and generally improve security and ground safety. A new building to house equipment and an improved CCTV system are also planned. We are submitting a planning application for various aspects of the project and hope to have this passed by the time the Commuted Sums are ready for distribution. We are indebted to East Riding of Yorkshire Council for their help with both this and the previous funding. It is hoped all works will be completed by 2022."

Burnby Hall Gardens and Museum have been awarded £75,844.89 towards a new walled garden project at the site. The remaining £8,427.20 for the £84,272.09 project will be raised by fundraising and crowdfunding activities.

Ian Murphy, Estate Manager at Burnby Hall Gardens, said: "We are really pleased to receive this fantastic Commuted Sums grant. It means that our Walled Garden project can now become a reality and that the local community and visitors from further away will be able to experience a fabulous new addition to Burnby Hall Gardens."

Stewart Bowling Club have been awarded £20,000 towards a new kitchen, which had been recommended in a recent hygiene survey, in their club house and Bowling Green machinery. The project is due to cost £23,417.99, with the remaining £3,417.99 being raised by the club.

Sue Douthwaite, Honorary Secretary of the Management Committee, said: "The Commuted Sums would mean funding towards a new machine for the Bowling Green and a much needed kitchen refurbishment.  The club has mainly older members who enjoy bowling as well as social events held in the clubhouse throughout the year."

Wolds Gliding Club have been awarded £116,751.01 towards a new glider which will have hand operated controls and will allow the club to extend their training to those with disabilities. The club have raised the remaining £40,000.01 of the £156,751.02 for the glider themselves.

Graham Wadforth of Wolds Gliding Club said: "The cheque represents the Council's contribution towards the purchase of a new glider and trailer. The glider will be specially adapted with hand controls for those with limited, or no, leg function and it will have a much superior performance than the Club's existing adapted glider. This will enable those pilots to participate in every aspect of glider flight, some of which are presently denied to them. As COVID- 19 seems to be on the retreat, the Club looks forward to once again welcoming visitors in the not too distant future. Flight vouchers may be purchased from www.wolds-gliding.com or directly from the Club office on Wednesdays and at the weekend."

Pocklington Tennis Club have been awarded £100,000 towards their £543,933.79 project. The Club propose to cover the two remaining courts to provide a permanent canopy structure, creating a genuine all-weather playing environment. The construction would contain LED floodlights within the roof canopy.

Chris French, Chairman of Pocklington Tennis Club, said: "Pocklington Tennis Club, with this funding from East Riding of Yorkshire Council, is able to use it to build partnerships with other funders to realise their goal in providing covered courts at their West Green base. This will reinforce their standing as the premier club in the area, at the same time as providing superb facilities not only for its members, but the whole community."

Yapham Cricket Club have been awarded £55,378.80 towards improvements at their home on Smylett Lane, Yapham. The funding will go towards a Non Turf Practice Facility, a secure equipment store and a clubhouse alarm system. The total project cost is £61,532.00.

David Booth, Junior, Women's and Girls Cricket Coordinator at Yapham CC, said: "Yapham Cricket Club has come a long way in the past 20 years - developing a strong Junior section, buying and extending its ground, building a new clubhouse, working with the YCB to develop Girls' Cricket in East Yorkshire, and re-establishing its Women's cricket team - but it still retains its friendly and welcoming 'Yorkshire village cricket club' atmosphere at the heart of the community with strong links to the local schools. It has three senior teams, playing in the York and District Senior League, York Vale League and Yorkshire Women and Girls' Cricket League, and runs Junior teams for u9, u11, u13 and u15 age groups, as well as additional opportunities for girls; over the past four years its ECB 'All Stars' programme has proved very popular as a fun way to introduce 5-8 year olds to the game, and this year Yapham will be running the new ECB 'Dynamos in August for 8-11 year olds. There is a lot happening, and the Commuted Sums Award will help the club develop its facilities further, in particular with the installation of new Non-Turf Practice Nets that will enable more cricket to be played at the ground."

Nigel Rickatson, Yapham CC President, added: "We are delighted - and very grateful - to have been awarded this funding. Having two excellent practice nets at the ground is another big step forward for the club; not only will they enable our players to develop their skills, but it will mean that we can run more games and coaching sessions. With more children starting cricket, our work developing women & girls' cricket, and new players at all age groups joining the club, we need to keep developing our facilities, and this Commuted Sums Award enables us to do this."

Pocklington Canal Amenity Society have been awarded £100,000 towards the restoration of Sandhill Lock. The total project will cost £220,000, with the project receiving funding from Aviva Community Fund, Co-Op Community Fund, crowdfunding and from the Pocklington Canal Amenity Society themselves.

Tim Charlson, Vice Chariman/Trustee at Pocklington Canal Amenity Society, said: "Pocklington Canal Amenity Society had some very welcome news from East Riding of Yorkshire Council at the end of March; the Sandhill Lock Restoration Appeal was awarded £100,000 from the council's Commuted Sums Fund and brings the total raised for the project to £200,000. The restoration is complicated by the Sandhill Lock's severely dilapidated condition and plans are being developed to ensure repairs can begin, with safety obviously being paramount. The great news is that finances are now in place to completely restore the lock to working order."

Pocklington Canal Amenity Society Chairman, Paul Waddington, said: ''We are absolutely thrilled at this news. After the struggles and difficulties of the past year, and being unable to fund-raise, this comes as such welcome relief. We can now get on and plan the repairs in the knowledge that there will be enough funding to completely restore a historic listed structure that has been unused since the turn of the 20thcentury. Our volunteer workforce is eager to begin work as soon as is possible!"

Councillor Gary McMaster , portfolio holder for planning, infrastructure and housing, added: "The award of these Commuted Sums as a condition of their planning approval to so many groups and organisations in Pocklington will make a real difference in the area. I wish them all well for the future.

"Some of these Commuted Sums have already been provided by local housing developments and some are still to be provided, as development continues."