Mental health impact on carers

Mon, 10 May 2021

It's Mental Health Awareness Week (10-16 May) and as part of this national event to recognise the mental health support that is available to everyone, we focus on carers - many of whom experience significant mental health problems as they deal with the uncertainties that come with their caring role. 

For many, at the start of their journey, their mental health had never been an issue as they led fulfilled and, in the main, happy and stable lives.

The developing pressures that come with caring, the moments of self-doubt, loneliness, resentment, anxiety and loss of purpose, amongst other feelings, have a profound effect on their mental health, and often made worse when having to face these challenges alone.

The impact of deteriorating mental health and its impact on a carers' physical health must not be underestimated.

Elaine Peirce, chair of the Carers Advisory Group, said: "We need to ensure that all our carers in the East Riding of Yorkshire are aware of the range of support that is available to them through the East Riding Carers Support Service. 

"The newly launched carers support platform has a wealth of advice and guidance on how to manage mental health and also gives carers, their families and friends, an opportunity to connect with other carers.

"This alone highlights the fact that they are not alone and that the feelings that they may have are, very often, common to all carers.

"The support is there and it is essential that they connect with us to allow us to guide and support them through their journey."

The digital platform has been created to host a wealth of support, advice and free resources for informal carers in the East Riding who need access to information that is relevant to their situation.

For more information about the digital platform visit and enter the code: DGTL 2601. For those who are not able to access the information online, please call our East Riding Carers Support Services on (01482) 396500.

For support and guidance on being a carer, and to find out what help is available, call (01482) 396500, email or visit