Healthy Living Pharmacies

At your local Healthy Living Pharmacy you can speak with a health champion for support and advice on health and wellbeing choices. They can give you information or refer you to services to help quit smoking, lose weight, drink less alcohol and more. You're welcome to pop-in just to chat with a health champion in the wellbeing zone.

Throughout the year, Healthy Living Pharmacies take part in national wellbeing events. Health champions also look into common wellbeing issues in their local area, to provide practical and personal information and awareness to their community. Visit your local Healthy Living Pharmacy to find out more.

How do Healthy Living Pharmacies help wellbeing?

In the UK, 95% of the population can get to a pharmacy within 20 minutes and 70% of those visiting one will not access other healthcare services. This makes community pharmacies ideal for people to access advice and reliable health information. This access helps to prevent many health concerns developing further, making communities healthier and more resilient.

Types of services you can access at your local Healthy Living Pharmacy include:

  • Flu vaccinations
  • Blood pressure testing
  • Medication reviews
  • Urgent prescription services
  • Referral to quitting smoking services
  • Referral to weight loss services
  • Health advice
  • Discuss healthier lifestyle choices
  • And much more!

Health champions have completed the Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) level two award for understanding health improvement. A pharmacy is no longer just a place to get medicine, Healthy Living Pharmacies are a hub for wellbeing support and finding services for improving health. Your GP may refer you to a healthy living pharmacy if you need help finding services.

How to help others

How can I help a child or teenager?

Health champions at Healthy Living Pharmacies are available to speak to everyone. Young people may feel more confident speaking to a health champion, who will be able to give general Public Health information and refer them on to relevant services.

How can I help a friend or relative?

Concerned for the wellbeing of friends or family? Talk to a health champion at Healthy Living Pharmacies for advice and information you can pass on. Speaking with health champions can be a practical, non-intimidating alternative to speaking with a GP in an informal environment. Staff are trained to refer to local services for self-assessment and recognise when a person needs to see a GP or other health professional instead.

I'm a care worker. How can I help my client?

Healthy Living Pharmacies have staff trained to help in Making Every Contact (MECC) count and can provide social and clinical referrals where necessary. For some people, pharmacies are the only access to reliable health information. Health champions are a source of support and advice for many hard to reach communities, particularly those most at risk of ill health.

Link workers and other health professionals can sign up to the Healthy Living Pharmacy monthly newsletter , for information on the initiative, local work, good practice and support on local public health campaigns.

How can I help people in the workplace?

Healthy Living Pharmacies provide a practical, non-intimidating alternative to going to a GP for minor health concerns. Trained health champions can provide information and sources of support for a range of wellbeing choices. This can be an easier step to take if people are unconfident on where to get information and want to talk through with someone in a confidential, informal environment. If you are concerned for your staff, encourage them to visit their nearest Healthy Living Pharmacy for advice and support.