Returning to your daily routine can be difficult after losing a loved one. There are services available to support you through the arrangements and what comes after.

How does bereavement affect wellbeing?

As we come to terms with a loss, we can experience a lot of emotions. The death of a loved will affect us, whether it was expected or sudden. There may also be stress from dealing with money matters, wills, arrangements for a funeral and returning to a daily routine. Having to live alone can also cause more stress and sadness on top of your grief. You are not alone.

Use the services below to find support:

How to help others

Children and teenagers

Very young children may not understand straight away and could ask questions or to see the person that has passed. This can sometimes be difficult for older family members, but it is important to answer with patience while children are learning. For older children and teenagers, they may find local or online mental health services helpful in dealing with emotions and issues that develop from bereavement.

Friend or family member

When supporting a friend or family member return to their daily routine after a death, you can help by staying aware of their mental health. We can go through a lot of stress during grief. There are many mental health services for stress, anxiety and loneliness available on Find Wellbeing.

I'm a professional

Search for grief and bereavement services for local counselling and support services. For older clients, use Make Every Contact Count (MECC) for further information.

Wellbeing in the workplace

Find information for compassionate leave and what businesses must offer to employees on Gov.UK.